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  • Search for nearest McDonald's® jobs
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About McDonald's®

The famous McDonald's golden arches are proudly displayed in 118 countries around the world, at over 35,000 locations. As the largest hamburger restaurant in the world, McDonald's employs well over 400,000 people. McDonald's originally opened as a single restaurant selling hamburgers, fries, and shakes in Des Plaines, Illinois and has expanded their menu over the years to include chicken and fish sandwiches, breakfast items, and their famous chicken nuggets. Currently headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, McDonald's has started to focus on healthier choices, including salads, smoothies, and wraps. Since 1974, McDonald's has run the Ronald McDonald House, a charity that aims to build and develop programs to improve the lives of children in need.

Types of jobs you could find at McDonald's®

Maintenance Associate

Maintenance crew are responsible for maintaining the restaurant's exterior and interior cleanliness. This includes cleaning fryers once per day, wiping down windows, emptying trash cans, cleaning HVAC systems, maintaining kitchen equipment, and cleaning the restrooms. Maintenance Associates are also required for maintaining the outside of the restaurant by sweeping parking lots and providing seasonal care.

Crew Member

A McDonald's Crew Member is responsible for a wide variety of tasks throughout the restaurant. You will need to greet customers cheerfully, take their order, and operate the register. You are also required to operate kitchen equipment, preparing and grilling food as necessary. Throughout your shift, you will assist with keep the restaurant clean and ensuring everything is fully stocked.

Shift Leader

Shift Leaders at McDonald's are acting, hourly managers. They are in charge of controlling the costs of food and labor. Shift Leaders are responsible for ensuring McDonald's provides world-class service by ensuring the speed and quality of their orders. Shift Leaders must become proficient in all store duties, as they will need to assist Crew Members throughout their shift as necessary.

Why People Recommend Working at McDonald's®

  • Overnight 24-hour employees receive a Late Night bonus.
  • Meal discounts are given to employees during their scheduled shifts.
  • Scheduling is flexible for both full-time and part-time employees.
  • McCrew Care Health insurance is available after 90 days and 401k pension plans are available after one year.