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About Kroger

Kroger is the largest general retail store in the United States besides Walmart. Including its subsidiaries, Kroger has over 2,600 stores, with just under 350,000 employees. A typical Kroger Marketplace carries a full grocery department, in addition to other departments like home furnishings, electronics, clothing, and toys. In addition to these stores, Kroger also operates a variety of other locations, like convenience stores, marketplaces, mall kiosks, and food & drug stores. The Kroger Marketplaces can be found in over 30 states, and their current headquarters is in Cincinnati, Ohio. The majority of Kroger employees are unionized, with the majority of them represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

Types of jobs you could find at Kroger

Grocery Store Clerk

Kroger's primary goal is to provide an outstanding experience to their customer, and the Grocery Store Clerk is integral to that. You will spend your shifts operating the cash register, stocking shelves, and assisting customers. You may also be required to work on special projects like putting together shelving, preparing dishes, or creating floral arrangements. The ideal candidate has a passion for helping customers.

Pharmacy Technician

A Pharmacy Technician focuses on providing exceptional customer service at the pharmaceutical department. Duties will include entering patient information, tendering transactions, and carefully following guidelines and safety procedures. Applicants must have an understanding of HIPAA, be able to work with confidential customer information, and have previous retail experience. A Pharmacy Technician Certification is required, and can be earned by anybody with a High School or equivalent degree.

Loss Prevention Specialist

Loss Prevention Specialists focus on protecting the company by ensuring a safe, theft-free environment. They focus on reducing stolen inventory by carefully observing and preventing shoplifters and staff from stealing company merchandise and time. They must be able to comply with all necessary laws and partner with local law enforcement when applicable. A High School diploma, willingness to travel, and previous retail experience are required.

Why People Recommend Working at Kroger

  • Hours are flexible, especially for part-timers.
  • Company discount on Kroger branded merchandise.
  • Strong focus on customer satisfaction makes it an enjoyable work environment.
  • Responsibility is delegated to those who work the hardest.