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About WinCo Foods

WinCo Foods is a 24-hours self-service, discount supermarket chain that was founded in 1967. This grocery store allows customers to purchase food in bulk and bag their own groceries. WinCo Foods was formally Waremart Foods and now it has over 95 stores. Along with its grocery store, it also has pizza shops and bakeries inside. The basis that WinCo Foods is built on is the fact that employees own the company. This allows them to have more pride in what they do.

Types of jobs you could find at WinCo Foods

Cart Clerk

The cart clerk is responsible for gathering all carts that are outside and inside of the store. You will also be responsible for emptying the recycle machine, helping pick up litter from the floor, and maneuvering the stack bins before they're picked up.

Freight Stocker

Is responsible for ensuring the quality of all food, stock the store, rotate product and get rid of spoiled and expired products. The freight stocker is also expected to order products as they run low, stack and mark prices on merchandise.

Produce Clerk

The produce clerk is expected to keep a positive attitude and provide customers with a pleasant experience. You will also be responsible for verifying orders, reporting shortages of produce, stacking and pricing your section, and maintaining the produce area clean.

Why People Recommend Working at WinCo Foods

  • WinCo provides not only medical and dental benefits, they also offer reduction in bills for certain vendors, such as Verizon Wireless.
  • Flexible schedule with regular raises based on employee performance.
  • Their ESOP program is the best when it comes to comparing retirement programs.