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About Panera Bread

The company is a line of bakery based outlets in the US and Canada that makes and sells pastries alongside accompaniments mostly the different types of soup on the menu, in addition to this, the restaurant also serve pasta, salads and sandwiches. As at 2014 it had established restaurants in 1800 different locations in Canada and the United States offering the same delicious recipes to a growing number of customers. The company became the first to provide calorific information in all its outlets and it broadened the customer experience by its online platform that offers several tools including a nutritional calculator.

Types of jobs you could find at Panera Bread

Maintenance Technician

The individual should have basic carpentry skills, plumbing knowledge, and electrical and equipment functioning. The job description includes day-to-day maintenance of equipment in the working premises and repair of light machinery.

Customer Service Associate

This position deals directly with customer affairs. The associate answers questions on new products and also communicates with the management about to concerns raised by customers to drive the company forward by establishing good customer relations. Applicants are required to have training in Public Relations and have a flexible work schedule.

Restuarant Manager

Panera Bread is looking for a restaurant manager who will overlook one of their numerous branches. Applicants should have 3 years prior experience working at the same position.

Why People Recommend Working at Panera Bread

  • Discount of 50% on food on your workday. Nothing beats half prices on amazing food and employees of Panera Bread get to enjoy this as often as they like on their working days.
  • Flexible hours, you can leave early or call in sick depending on the circumstances, which favors several lifestyle habits.
  • Opportunities to work as a team. The setup of Panera Bread supports the ideology of working as one unit to develop ideas and a forum where each member can chip in on different issues arising pertaining to the business design.