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About Kangaroo Express

Kangaroo Express promises that the "Roo is here for you", and it certainly has a presence throughout the Southeast. With more than 1,500 locations in 13 states, Kangaroo Express is a gas station and convenience store business that continues to grow. Kangaroo guarantees all of the fuel that comes from its pumps, offers sustainably sourced coffee, affordable food and more. Kangaroo promises that you can relax, refresh and refuel at a Kangaroo Express convenience store, and Kangaroo even has 210 restaurant locations to satisfy hungry travelers. Subway, Dairy Queen and Hardee's are just a few of the restaurants you will come across when you see a Kangaroo Express. Kangaroo strives to provide a clean, fast and friendly service experience that fosters customer loyalty.

Types of jobs you could find at Kangaroo Express


This position requires ably working the register, maximizing customer service and properly monitoring and maintaining the store. It is preferable that candidates have a HS diploma or the equivalent. In addition to cash registers, cashiers need to be familiar with operating other Kangaroo Express electronics such as money machines, gas consoles, lottery machines and car wash equipment. Kangaroo Express offers great benefits and competitive salary for this entry level position.

Gas Maintenance Technician

In a geographic are of 200 miles, maintenance technicians are expected to support individual Kangaroo Express retail units by troubleshooting, repairing and performing preventive maintenance on malfunctioning and/or broken gasoline operating equipment. Candidates are expected to have a HS diploma or GED combined with 1 to 2 years of experience with gasoline operational equipment. Candidates can expect great benefits like health insurance, 401(k) plans and paid time off.

Sales Associate

A Kangaroo Express Sales Associate provides friendly customer service that is prompt and efficient, and Associates are also expected to handle registers, customer purchases, account for cash and inventory during shifts and clean service areas. A Sales Associate will preferably have a HS diploma or GED, and customer service experience is a requirement for the position. A background in food-service and experience with registers is preferred.

Why People Recommend Working at Kangaroo Express

  • Meeting new customers and people keeps the job exciting.
  • A quality first job for anyone needing work experience.
  • Convenient weekly pay and perks like free coffee.
  • Quality dental, vision and health benefits.