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About Fosters Freeze

Fosters Freeze (full name Fosters Old Fashion Freeze) is a chain of fast-food restaurants in California. It was founded by George Foster in 1946 on La Brea Avenue in Inglewood, California, a location that still remains. The Fosters Freeze name comes from the fact that it is best known for its soft-serve ice milk and milkshakes, which is reflected in the marketing slogan, "California's Original Soft Serve." Its mascot is an ice cream cone wearing a chef's hat. At franchise locations, the company also offers a variety of foods, including hamburgers, chicken strips, and fish. The restaurant's slogan was "Everything at Foster's is wonderful to eat".

What to Expect When Interviewing

The interview procedure at Fosters Freeze is similar to competitors. There is a common skills assessment which covers subjects including but not limited to reading, writing, speaking, and basic math. Applicants must bring their resume with them to the interview. Some applicants go through a phone screening prior to progressing to an in person interview. Current employees have reported that it is important to show that you are capable of coping with stressful situations, working in a fast paced setting, have a flexible schedule, and collaborating with others. Once through the application process, all new hires are required to go through a formal training.