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About Ballistic Recovery Systems

Ballistic Recovery Systems (commonly BRS and BRS Aerospace) is a manufacturer of aircraft ballistic parachutes. The company was formed in 1980 by Boris Popov of Saint Paul, Minnesota after he survived a 400-foot (120 m) fall in a partially collapsed hang glider in 1975. As a result Popov invented a parachute system which would lower an entire light aircraft safely to the ground, assuring minimal, if any, injuries or casualties among its occupants. Typically with this system there is moderate structural damage to the aircraft immediately after parachute deployment and during the subsequent landing and recovery. The system can be used in the event of loss of control, failure of the aircraft structure, or other in-flight emergencies. Popov was granted a U.S. patent on 26 August 1986 for the so-called Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) - patent US 4607814 A.